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Golpayegan Faculty of Engineering is Merged into IUT


According to the plan for organizing higher education centers, Golpayegan Faculty of Engineering and Technology is merged to Isfahan University of Technology.

This merging plan and other similar ones aim at making larger universities with more improvement and quality so that larger universities monitor the issues such as faculty members, the quality of teaching and research in these faculties, etc.  

According to the results of the evaluations and studies conducted by the Ministry of Science, it has been decided that the three Golpayegan, Khansar and Shahreza Faculties in Isfahan province should be merged into large universities.

The Minister of Science, Research and Technology mentioned that this plan aims at organizing universities and higher education centers with higher qualities as much as possible, and he added that our goal is not closure.

Prof. Dr. Mansour Gholami also stated that when small universities are merged into large universities, their research and technology activities will be strengthened which is itself a great achievement for increasing the quality of their work.

Isfahan has 215 universities and higher education & research institutes, about 200,000 students and 7,202 faculty members which is in the second place in the country for higher education, scientific, and research institutes.

Prof. Dr. Behzad Niroumand, faculty member of Department of Materials Engineering of IUT was appointed by the President of Isfahan University of Technology as "The Director of the merging Plan for the Golpayegan Faculty of Engineering".

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