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Students and Graduates of Isfahan University of Technology Won Top 9 Places of the National Olympiad

In the 25th Student Scientific Olympiad in 2020, 9 students of Isfahan University of Technology in the fields of chemical engineering, mathematics, statistics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering, and industrial engineering won the top titles in the country. In the field of chemical engineering, students and graduates of Isfahan University of Technology were ranked fourth by Ali Sarkhosh, ninth by Safa Koushki, and twelfth by Amir Mohammad Najafi. Ali Forouzandeh was ranked fourth in mathematics, and Alireza Kabourani was ranked seventeenth in the statistics group. In the group of electrical engineering, Ali Ghaneian succeeded in obtaining the seventh rank and in the group of materials engineering and mechanical engineering, the two eighth ranks were obtained by Messrs. Mostafa Yaghoubi and Mohammad Niknejad. Amir Hossein Najafi, was also ranked sixth in the Industrial Engineering group of this Olympiad. It is worth mentioning that students who can obtain the top ranks of the country's student scientific Olympiad will receive the quota of brilliant talent of universities to enter higher levels and scholarships without entrance exams.

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