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A Visit Paid by President of ECO Scientific Foundation from IUT


Isfahan University of Technology hosted Professor Manzoor Soomro, President of the Scientific Foundation of ECO Organization on October 19, 2021. In this meeting, which was organized by the College of Agricultural Engineering at Isfahan University of Technology and coordinated by the IUT International Scientific Cooperation Center, Professor Soomro visited the College of Agricultural Engineering and presented a scientific webinar. He also had a separate meeting with the IUT President and director of IUT International.

Dr. Manzoor Hossein Soomro has been the Founder of the Scientific Foundation of the Specialized Agency for Economic Cooperation (ECO) since December 2011. He holds a gold medal from Sindh University of Agriculture, Tondujam-Pakistan, and a Quaid-Azam Presidential Scholarship for his PhD.

Dr. Sumero has more than 35 years of excellent professional experience as a researcher, director, leader, and teacher and has many titles and honors in his academic life.

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