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IUT President and Director of the International Scientific Cooperation Center had a Meeting with the IUT International Students


IUT President and Director of the International Scientific Cooperation Center had a Meeting with the IUT International Students- Feb. 22, 2022

In this meeting, Prof. Meybodi, IUT President, stated that international students of the university are scientific ambassadors and guests of Iran and deemed this as an honor for this university to provide services for the students from friend and Muslim countries. He assured the students that all the legal capacities of the Ministry of Science will be used to facilitate the education process for international students.

Prof. Omidi, Director of the International Scientific Cooperation Center of the University, talked about the laws approved by the Ministry of Science to facilitate the study process for international students studying doctoral programs and added that PhD students can take only two courses if they choose a research-based doctoral program (PhD without thesis), and submitting a proposal is also considered as passing the relevant comprehensive exam. He explained that one of the suitable facilities for the admission of international students in Iran is the possibility of submitting a doctoral dissertation in English, which has also been established in IUT.

He also stated that IUT has a world-renowned academic rank and position in terms of education and more financial facilities will be provided to attract international elite students in the future.

Prof. Reza Tikani, Vice Chancellor for Educational Affairs at IUT, also attended the meeting and answered the students' questions and educational requests. He stated that the application of facilitating regulations for the postgraduate level is highly positive in improving the educational process for international students and noted that the suggestions of students for the promotion of undergraduate educational services will be dealt with in the relevant committees.

The international students expressed their appreciation for the suitable dormitory facilities of the university and also for improving the quality of student services, consular affairs, dormitory accommodation during holidays, and exams process in Persian. The students who attended the meeting were from Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Zimbabwe.