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The Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) has Published that Iran is ranked 2nd Worldwide for Publishing Papers on Data Mining in Biomedical Texts


On June 2021, in a report entitled “Systematic Review of Automated Text Summarization for Biomedical Literature and Electronic Health Records (EHRs)”, Iran is ranked 2nd after the United States for publishing papers on data mining in medical texts.

It is reported that all 7 Iranian papers have been published by young Iranian students and researchers under the supervision of Prof. Nasser Ghadiri, an associate professor at Isfahan University of Technology (IUT).


Ensie Davoodi Jam, a PhD student in Computer Engineering at IUT, published the results of her doctoral dissertation as a paper and under the supervision of Prof. Nasser Ghadiri from IUT and the advice of Prof. Fabio Rinaldi from the University of Zurich, Switzerland; this study deals with the subject of “summarizing based on multilayer graphs”.

Milad Moradi and Mojgan Nasr Azadani, two MSc students of IUT, are among the other authors of the Iranian papers in JAMIA who published their findings based on their master’s theses and under the supervision of Prof. Ghadiri; their studies were about “the methods of exploring rules and probabilistic inference”.

According to this report, the United States with 8 papers is ranked 1st, Iran with 7 papers ranked 2nd and China with 6 papers is ranked 3rd in the field of data mining of medical texts. There are also 10 multinational papers in this list.

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