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Relationship with Universities around the world

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One of the steps for globalize a university is to establish linkage with reputable foreign higher education centers via signing MOUs. The IUT International Scientific Cooperation Center is responsible to coordinates international activities and programs on campus; and serves as a liaison between students, faculty, university administration, local government agencies and international partners. It also enjoys a close relationship with many international associations and cooperates in offering services for arranging scientific agreements and issue related to membership in international associations and sabbatical leave. 


As a strategic plan IUT has started to increase its international ties with other well-known scientific institutions all around the world in recent years. We have successfully been able to observe a sharp and fast moving increase (7 fold increase since 1999) in the number of agreements signed by IUT and other internationally recognized universities. The aim is to expand our scientific relation through exchange of scientist, faculties and students, offering joint degree programs and conducting joint research projects. Currently, the University collaborates with partners in approximately 18 countries and has signed 56 cooperative agreements or MOUs with various institutions in these countries.


An international agreement is a contractual document which defines a relationship between IUT and a foreign institution which comes after a MOU. In an international agreement resou.rces may committed by each institution to support academic programs, student and faculty exchanges, research collaboration, technical assistance, professional development and similar cooperative activities. ISCO is the unit designated to facilitate and monitor the establishment of all such international agreements between IUT and foreign institutions


IUT and University of Calabria - Italy 2021 for 3 years

IUT and University of Limerick- Ireland  2021 for 3 years

IUT and Lethbridge College - Canada  2020 for 2 years

IUT and University of Florence - Italy 2020 for 7 years

IUT and University of L'Aquila - Italy 2019 for 5 years 

IUT and Chinese Academy of Sciences - China 2018 for 10 years 

IUT and University of Salerno (Italy) 2018 for 5 years 

IUT and University of Brescia (Italy)  2017 for 5 years

IUT and Universite de Sherbrooke (Canada) 2017 for 5 years

IUT and ParisTech 2016 Without Limit

IUT and ETH-Zurich 2016 for 5 years

IUT and INFN Italy 2016 for 5 years

IUT and Ulsan institute of South Korea 2016 for 5 years

IUT and North - Caucasus Federal University (NCFU) 2016 for 5 years

IUT and The École nationale d'ingénieurs de Brest 2016 for 5 years

IUT and Sigma Clermont, France 2016 for 5 years

IUT and Fulda University of Applied Sciences  2016 for 5 years

MSRT and ICTP 2014 for 5 years

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