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The third event from the series of interdisciplinary events at IUT was marked by an international scientific lecture on "Statistical Machine Learning for Analyzing the Brain Connectome" presented by Prof. Ali Shojaei, an Iranian professor at the University of Washington and a member of the American Statistical Association (ASA).

This event was hosted by IUT online on July 20, 2022, in which Prof. Shojaei presented his latest findings in the field of high-dimensional spiking neural networks for Iranian students and professors. He also answered the two problems of data obtained from several experiments and the inference of causal relationships from unobserved variables.

Prof. Shojaei is a university professor and associate professor of biostatistics, adjunct professor of statistics and director of the Summer Institute for Statistics in Big Data (SISBID) at the University of Washington. In 2022, he received the Leo Bryman Award in the field of statistical learning and data science and has won numerous awards in statistical research projects.

This Iranian researcher received his doctorate in statistics from the University of Michigan and at the same time, as a PhD student in statistics, he received his master's degree in applied mathematics and human genetics. He has pursued his research interests in the fields that are the intersection of trends such as statistical machine learning, statistical network analysis and their applications in biology and social sciences.

Professors and students of medical and biological sciences attended this event from all over the country.

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