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Energy storage market is on rise across the world. Every company, new or old, that is in the field of renewables or electric vehicles, is looking for even more reliable and affordable storage technology. Battery energy storage provides several valuable services and advantages in stationary, renewable grid services and electric mobility. In stationary storage and renewable grid service battery energy storage provides for frequency regulation, peak shaving as well as mitigating the fluctuations in generation from variability in renewable sources.

Senior and Junior Researchers (with a doctorate) from and outside the University of Passau are invited to apply for funding in the new PICAIS funding programs.

The University of Passau as a partner university of Isfahan University of Technology has announced the following call for research-in-residence fellowships among the  relevant faculties or units.

The activity is a joint workshop with the USPEX team and the physics department of Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). This workshop aims to provide computational methods for discovering new materials and,  ab initio predicting material properties. This program contains scientific lecture sessions in the morning and workshop sessions in the afternoon. The dominant part of the time of the workshops is devoted to teaching the USPEX code by the USPEX team.

Physics department of Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) in collaboration with the Iranian National Observatory (INO) and School of Astronomy (SoA) will organize an international virtual workshop on "Transient events and multi-messenger astrophysics”. The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of transient events and multimessenger astrophysics in a modern view. Postdocs, PhD, and MSc students are encouraged to participate in this workshop.

ICGEB offers a dedicated source of funding for outstanding projects in ICGEB Member States, with the goal of promoting collaboration,training of young scientists and the development of research facilities.
The program provides support for research activities in basic life sciences, human healthcare, industrial and agricultural biotechnology and bioenergy.

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