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It is informed that IUT is part of a project that has been selected for funding for International Credit Mobility under Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ programme, promoting the international exchange of students and staff between higher education institutions in Erasmus+ Programme and Partner Countries.
This quick guide will provide you with basic information on the key documents, rules and guidelines you will
need to be aware of.

The seminar, which is going to be held on February 5 at Fotouhi Conference Hall, hosts Dr. Gol Sanami, an associate professor at Shandong Science and Industry University and the Manager of Iran’s Scientific and Technological Interactions Office at Shanghai Cooperation Organization Town, who will present potential joint research opportunities and the procedures to establish an office at Shandong Province universities’ science and technology parks. Prof. Dr.

It is informed that the Call for Nominations for Wenhui Award 2022 "Educational Innovations for Learning Recovery" has been launched. The Award will be conferred on two individuals or institutions in UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region for their outstanding efforts and achievements in educational innovation focused on the specific theme of the current edition. The two winners will each receive a prize of USD20,000. In addition to the Winners, Honourable Mentions will be granted to individuals or institutions that have demonstrated commendable innovative educational practices.

By encouraging scientists, especially Turkish scientists, who are pioneers in their fields working in the universities or research institutions abroad, to come to Turkey,

And to provide support for the realization of all kinds of academic and R&D activities such as conducting research, working in the laboratory, product development, organizing conferences/ congresses, giving seminars, providing part-time education, and writing a joint project.

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