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International Relations at IUT

As a strategic plan, IUT has started to increase its international ties with other well-known institutions all around the world, more than before, in past ten years. We have successfully been able to observe a sharp and fast increase (10 fold increase since 1999) in the number of agreements signed by IUT and other internationally recognized universities. The aim is to expand our scientific relation through exchange of scientists, faculty and students, offering joint degree programs and conducting joint research projects.


Scientists from various countries are also regularly invited to offer short courses, lecturers, or consultation services to the faculty or PhD students. Each year a number of IUT academic members spend their sabbatical leaves at prominent universities around the world as well as attend international conferences here and abroad. Also, annually, many of IUT PhD students are sent to the accredited universities abroad for their sabbatical leaves for about 6-9 months.


University's commitment

The office of International Relations supports the University's commitment to internationalization and coordinates services and programs for international students, scholars and alumni. This office also aims to provide an effective corporate publicity for Isfahan University of Technology, to promote and enhance the University's image and reputation on international level.


University's commitment

Swiss Desk

Isfahan University of Technolgoy has been appointed as the “National Contact Point in Scientific Collaboration with Swiss” by Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.



For developing the academic relations with Switzerland, Isfahan University of Technology established the "Swiss desk" at the International and Scientific Cooperation Office in 2017. Swiss desk is responsible to provide required educational/research information for national universities to promote the academic collaboration and joint research projects between Iranian and Switzerland academia. Dr. Sima Fakharan, a faculty member of IUT Department of Natural Resources and the Director of International Scientific Cooperation Center is the head of the Swiss desk. For more information you can contact her through


Collaboration with Non-Residence Iranian

IUT International Scientific Cooperation Center is responsible for collaboration with non-resident Iranian scientists and specialists in the framework of a joint project with Iran National Elite Foundation and Vice-President for Science and Technology. This project aims to support scientific and research programs, including post-doctoral opportunities, sabbaticals, short-term and long-term technical projects and conducting lectures and professional workshops and trying to improve the effective communication between non-resident Iranian scientists and specialists and chosen Iranian research centers


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