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(Persian: دانشگاه صنعتی اصفهان‎ Dāneshgāh-e San'ati-ye Esfahān)


is one of the most prestigious universities in Iran. Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), as one of the leading universities in Iran, is founded in 1974 and started its academic activities in 1977

IUT is one of the pioneers among the National universities and has been ranked among the top Asian Universities in the International University Rankings. IUT has 14 faculties and departments with about 11000 students and 600 academic members and offers four disciplines of engineering, basic sciences, agriculture and Natural resources in all three study level of BSc, MSc and PhD.

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IUT located in the central part of the country with a total area of 2300 hectares of land. Of this, 400 hectares area has been dedicated to the main campus. The main campus resembling a small town, includes all the educational or research buildings as well as modern dormitories to house more than 5000 students and the residential quarters which provide the academic staff with semi-detached houses. To facilitate for students and staff, IUT also offers the health service center, shopping, sports and recreation centers inside the campus. IUT has 11000 full-time undergraduates and graduate students in three disciplines of Engineering, Basic sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources. IUT comprises a College of Agriculture (with ten departments), nine Engineering departments, three basic science departments, one department of natural resources with three divisions, seven research centers, and many research groups. Since it is located in the heart of industrial complexes, it has provided an opportunity to strengthen industrial enhancement of the city of Isfahan and Iran. 

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The University Mission






The objective of Isfahan University of Technology, as an institution of higher education, is to contribute to the education of the youth of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in particular, the world in general, and in advancement of knowledge. With the long term plans of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards a wider span of higher education, IUT has taken eminent steps in establishing M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in all fields of engineering, science and agriculture as means of attaining scientific self-sufficiency.

Isfahan University of Technology seeks excellence in all programs and activities. This challenge for high achievements creates a dynamic atmosphere.

IUT is dedicated to provide equal educational opportunities to all qualified applicants. The established national and international reputation of IUT is based upon the quality and distinctiveness of the research and scholarly activity of its faculties and students. IUT has established the International Campus in order to increase the number of international students and faculties as well as developing the e-Learning methods and programs and encourage the foreign academic members to cooperate through the E-learning environment.

Some of the University's Strategic Interests are as follows:  


  • Developing a strategic plan for achieving the green metrics in IUT (Green University)
  • Establishing further agreements & linkages with accredited world universities especially the universities of the Islamic world
  • Improving the university ranking among the reputed universities
  • Improving the collaboration with industry
  • Increasing the number of centers of excellence and research centers
  • Development of joint research with foreign scientific institutions
  • Enhancing the university contribution to scientific publication
  • Providing & enhancing research facilities
  • Improving the ratio of academic members to students
  • Improving the methods of E-Learning programs
  • Increasing the university research income from industry
  • Enhancing the knowledge-based companies, technology parks and incubators

This University has been successful enough to make strong ties with industries and carried out about 2000 research projects with different national industrial bodies. In terms of technology, we have the honor to be the initiator of Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) which is one of the top in the Middle East. The connection between IUT and ISTT is leading to Enhancing the cooperation between IUT and Industrial bodies in the region for more research projects, defining curriculum based on the industrial needs, providing the opportunities for students to get experiment about solving real problems based on the needs of society, as training program, educating our students and graduates to be entrepreneurs.

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