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It is announced the following documents from the University of Geneva are received, regarding a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in European and International Governance (MEIG Programme), offered by the University of Geneva in cooperation with the United Nations Office in Geneva, with the possibility to be granted a scholarship. Information on admission into the MEIG Programme is available on the following website:

IUT International Swiss Desk presents: 

A Webinar on: Scientific and Research Opportunities in Switzerland

Thursday Sep 28, 2023,

During this webinar , a brief introduction to the available funding instruments for research collaboration between Iran and Switzerland will be presented. The SNSF representatives will also have an introduction to the SNSF Exchange Program which could be useful for Iranian researchers who are willing to have joint scientific collaboration with Swiss partners. 

The 9th Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) is to be held alongside the 5th Mustafa(pbuh) Prize Award Ceremony in Isfahan with the participation of heads of universities and research centers, policymakers, eminent scientists and technologists, and media activists of the Islamic world.

It is informed that IUT is part of a project that has been selected for funding for International Credit Mobility under Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ programme, promoting the international exchange of students and staff between higher education institutions in Erasmus+ Programme and Partner Countries.
This quick guide will provide you with basic information on the key documents, rules and guidelines you will
need to be aware of.

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