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Adjunct Researcher

In line with the internationalization policy of Isfahan University of Technology, the following bylaws have been prepared under the title of Adjunct Research Associate to attract the cooperation of international researchers and specialists who are working in universities or industries and wish to cooperate with Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). Considering the need for global partnerships, the aims of this program are:

  • to improve the quality and quantity of university activities and to achieve a position among the world's top universities,
  • creating the capacity to accept students in graduate schools, especially doctoral courses,
  • improving international interaction,
  • promoting the international rank of the university,
  • increasing the opportunities for studying abroad for doctoral students,
  • strengthening the equipment and research infrastructures of the university for the implementation of research projects, graduate projects, participation in international industrial projects
  • Who is an Adjunct Researcher?

An Adjunct Research Associate is an international scientist or researcher who, despite being employed in one of the research institutes or international companies, cooperates with a department/research institute or technology innovation and commercialization center of Isfahan University of Technology within a certain period in a defined agreement. This duration of cooperation is applicable throughout the school year or between semesters. Isfahan University of Technology can announce the name of the adjunct researcher in the list of researchers of the university as an "Adjunct Research Associate".




  An Adjunct Research Associate can cooperate with the managers of these units in research institutes, departments, or knowledge-based companies and university entrepreneur centers. The researcher can work at the Center Commercialization and Innovation of IUT together with one of the faculty members/researchers of the university for a joint research project. The adjunct researcher can be appointed as a research or specialist assistant.

An Adjunct Research Associate collaborates on a specific research project and uses the research facilities of his or her International Research Institute to conduct research. He/she can also partner with a faculty member of Isfahan University of Technology in the practical supervising of graduate students' theses and dissertations.

  • Areas of Collaboration

A) Cooperation in research affairs and research contracts outside the university

B) Cooperating in advising and supervising theses and dissertations of graduate students and participating in the required experiments

C) Presenting seminars and training workshops

D) Assistance and consultation to improve the ranking of the university in the world

E) Cooperation in solving the research problems of professors and graduate students by using research facilities abroad (such as scientific information, patent registration, required experiments, and other cases that are not possible to be carried out in Isfahan University of Technology).

  • Adjunct Research Associate's Commitments
  1. The position offered to the Adjunct Research Associate is valid for three years. The adjunct researcher who has joined a faculty/research institute or a knowledge-based company belonging to IUT must carry out at least one specific research project during this period. The extension of the cooperation period is unrestricted with the agreement of the parties.
  2. Collaboration in supervising / advising or guiding a Ph.D. student and publishing a credible Q1 paper.
  3. Attendance of at least two weeks a year or eight weeks within the whole period of 3 years in a full-time basis at the university is required.
  4. In all papers, scientific reports, etc., that are the result of joint projects, it is necessary to mention the address of IUT.

The rights of the university in inventions and discoveries resulting from joint projects determined by agreement of the parties (the adjunct researcher and Isfahan University of Technology), shall be observed.

  • IUT Commitments

A) Adjunct Research Associate can be provided with access to the University services and support, as appropriate in particular appointments, e.g. use of University computing hardware and software, library services, access to relevant research space (laboratory, studio). These facilities will be provided by the host faculty/research institute or entrepreneur center during his/her stay.

B) During short periods of stay at IUT, the adjunct researcher can use the free accommodation in the guest house of IUT.

C) Adjunct appointments are not paid appointments and no fixed salary is paid to the adjunct researcher.

D) With the consent of the Vice-president of the Research and Technology, round trip tickets (at the economy level) for the adjunct researchers can be provided, if necessary.

For International/overseas Origin Adjunct Research Associate, this amount will be covered from the university's research funds and budgets, if necessary. For non-resident Iranians, the National Elite Foundation will cover the travel expenses.


  • Appointment Approval Process

The suggestion for admitting an Adjunct Research Associate should be sent to the International Scientific Cooperation Center (ISCC) of the university by a faculty/research institute/entrepreneur center or knowledge-based company and then approved by the University Governance.



This bylaw is drawn up in 5 articles along with its executive procedure that was approved by the Board of Governance of Isfahan University of Technology on 31 /05 / 2021. This document is applicable on a trial basis for a period of three years from the date of approval. After this period, a final revision will be made, if necessary.

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