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Prof. Esmaeil Mehryar , an Assistant Professor at Biosystem Department of Agricultural Engineering Faculty, Is assigned as the Iran’s Scientific Counsellor in China. In an assignment letter by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology, he was chosen for this position for a two-year period to manage all Iranian students’ academic affairs in China, Japan and South Korea. Apart from the aforementioned assignments, Prof. Mehryar will be in charge of expanding international scientific cooperation between Iranian universities and the countries under supervision, exchanging experts, proposing joint research projects, facilitating joint investment in founding laboratories, defining rating systems and academic degree assessment.

He will also be responsible for spotting the scientific potentials and facilities of the target countries so that the necessary measures can be taken to make optimum use of such amenities. Attracting foreign students and researchers has also been emphasized by the minister to be addressed by the counsellor.       

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی